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New Club Gi's

At long last! The new club Gi's (Training Suits) have arrived.

They are top quality cotton, heavy duty 'Judo Style' suits in white. They come complete with Club Logo on the left shoulder and the clubs international mark on the right shoulder. All come complete with a white belt.

Cost of suits is:

Child sizes 100cm to 160cm          £37.00 each

Adult sizes 170cm to 210cm          £42.00 each

The suits come in two versions; Student & Instructor.

Currently the suits are sold in person only. Most sizes are available direct from stock. Please see either Lynn Hindle, or Sensei Lee.

Please pay for your suit when ordering, and ensure you obtain a receipt. The sizes shown above refer to the persons height.

We advise washing your suit at 30 degrees. If you think that you are likely to wash at higher temperatures, you should take into consideration the likely hood of shrinkage.



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