Joining Registration

Membership Joining

Information for membership joining.

 1) You must have attended at least ONE session at any of our venues.

 2) You should not attend for more than 4 weeks without formally joining

 3) Click on Registration above.

Membership Fees

Information for membership fees and payment method.

 Annual Membership fee (including insurance) for juniors up to 18 years of age:              £17.50

 Annual Membership fee (including insurance) for seniors OVER 18 years of age:              £25.00

 Annual Membership fee (including insurance) for Dan grades over 18 years of age:              £65.00

Fees should be in cash or by cheque, paid in person to Sensei Lee Hallard at the club. (Cheques made payable to 'W Johnson') You should have pre-registered on line, or bring a print out of the registration with you, together with the correct fee.

You will also need (at some point) a 'Passport Style' photograph of the licence holder (i.e. yourself) to be inserted into your new licence when it comes through.

Licences are usually delivered TO THE CLUB within 4 weeks. New licences will only be given in PERSON to you on a Saturday or Thursday session. We do not post them out as we require a signature upon receipt.

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