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Okay, so what is the Aiki-Shin all about, and what should I expect if I join or visit?

Probably the first thing that will strike you when you visit the Aiki-Shin is that it is NOT what you expected!

And not in a bad way, I assure you. The atmosphere here is calm and relaxed; yes, there is discipline and structure, but there is much laughter & enjoyment also. There are no secrets, no hidden agendas & no dubious money making rackets (see the purpose of our organisation below) ALL are welcome, (subject to minimum age 7 years, for insurance reasons) either to practice, train or simply to spectate!

Aikido which is one of the main arts taught here, is one of the youngest and least well known Martial Arts, it is often portrayed as a ‘gentle’ martial art, but do not be confused! Unlike some others, the philosophy of Aikido is that defence results in the attacker not being injured too much because his attack is neutralised without inflicting serious physical injury.


The Founder of the Aiki-Shin club, and the Aiki-Shin style itself is Master William (Billy) Johnson, he is a 7th dan Black belt holder in Aiki Shin Aikido, 7th Dan Jiu-Jitsu & 4th Dan Kempo Jiu-Jitsu. 2nd Dan Ko Budo (1990 Prof George Wilson)


Aiki Shin - The not-so-gentle art incorporating Aiki-Jitsu and Jiu-Jitsu techniques, is Master Johnson’s own system & is taught here alongside other arts such as Ken Jitsu (Sword) and Tanto Jitsu (knife) and much more.

Master Johnson’s Co-Founder is his late wife Sensei Pauline Johnson. (see history)


The club has several Black belt instructors as pupils, and these instructors, as well as  Master Johnson provide well over a hundred years of Martial Arts experience, which you can draw from.

Master Johnson usually runs the Thursday class, and often the Saturday class 

The Saturday morning club is usually run by Sensei Lee Hallard, a student of Master Johnson with 31 years experience, although expect to see many other senior & junior instructors, working with all levels of students.

There are no doubt many queries you have, especially before committing yourself to formally joining the club. We will attempt to answer the most commonly asked questions here, however, if there is something else you wish to know, please ask in person at the club, or e-mail us for a quick response!

Remember that the most important person in our club is you, - and others like you, so please don’t feel that you are not important enough to ask a few questions!


Q: How much money will it cost me?


A: Your first, second, third & fourth lesson, standard mat fee is payable. This varies but is shown in the table below.


Q: What happens after the fourth lesson?


A: Your instructors licence & insurance covers you for the first four lessons, but no longer if you have not joined. You will therefore need your own licence (which is also your insurance) after the fourth lesson. The cost of this licence through the WAKO. is currently £25.00 for seniors & £17.50 for juniors (Different fees apply for Dan Grades) this is renewable annually, & you must not allow it to lapse. This is your responsibility.

Q: What is the WAKO?


A: World All Styles & Kickboxing Organisations. A governing body to which the Aiki-Shin is affiliated.


Q: What about the uniform?


A: This is not as important as the licence, so don’t worry if the cost is a problem. We do however sell official club uniforms - we call it a Gi - and much other equipment, again the cost is shown here on the web site.


Q: I already have a ‘Gi’ from elsewhere, can I use this for the time being?


A: Yes, of course you can, but as soon as it wears out, or when you can afford it, please buy yourself an official club ‘Gi’ bearing our Club Logo embroidered into the cloth.


Q: Do I have to buy anything else?


A: No, but if you wish there are all sorts of extra badges & equipment available through the club. Some of these are detailed here on the site, and if there is anything you wish to purchase, just ask Sensei Lee the club secretary, or Lynn Hindle. They will provide you with a catalogue & order form. Gradings are optional, however most students are keen to be graded & promoted. The cost of gradings will always be advised in advance, and the choice will be yours.


Q: Can I spectate whilst my child/husband/partner etc. trains?


A: Yes of course, the Aiki-Shin is family oriented, all are welcome, on or off the mat.

Q: How do I find your club?

 A: How to find us



Purpose  The Aiki Shin was formed by Master Johnson & his late wife Pauline around 1986. They had a dream of building a Martial Arts club here in Liverpool which would benefit the wider community, especially the underprivileged & children.

Although Sensei Pauline was tragically killed some years ago, the vision still lives on and continues to evolve.

We, that is the Aiki-Shin family, are motivated by our students (and instructors of course) and their wishes are always one of the most important considerations in all major decision making processes.



Day & Time

Junior Fee (u18)

Senior Fee (18+)

Walton Sports Centre

Saturdays, 11.00am - 1.00pm



Walton Sports Centre

 Thursdays, 6.00pm - 8.00pm









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