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 Master Johnson (Founder) 7th Dan

Sensei Johnson began training at the Alpha school of Jiu-Jitsu (Liverpool U.K.) at the age of 12. Professor Jack Britain, who in 1922 was the chief instructor to the London metropolitan police, so inspired him that 47 years later, at the age 59, his martial arts career is still progressing.


During his period as a young martial arts student he was fortunate enough to train with Sensei Terry Ashley and Sensei Fred Kelly who both later achieved the rank of 5th Dan. Master Johnson was first introduced to the arts of Aiki-Jitsu as taught by Sensei Fred Kelly.

He would probably tell you however, that his biggest influence is from the late Master Frank Beatty (10th Dan) who  continued to influence Master Johnson until he passed away in 2005



 Sensei Lee Hallard 3rd Dan

 Sensei Hallard began training around 1979 under the guidance of Sensei Eric George, who trained at Hombo Dojo in Tokyo, and also, less frequently, Sensei Ken Cottier also of Hombo Dojo. His grounding, is therefore quite traditional. Lee also trained under Erics most senior student - Sensei John Hill. Later training with Sensei Stan Jones near Liverpool, and subsequently meeting Master Johnson and Master Frank Beatty around 1996 at the Aiki-Shin. He continues to train with Master Johnson to this day.



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